Why Should Someone Want To Conduct ASTM Testing?

There are a multitude of reasons why laboratories and testing facilities globally conduct tests per ASTM specified methods:
1) It provides a standard to which companies compare products.
2) Often, in order to even be considered for a job, ASTM tests must be conducted to provide the necessary data to ensure product compliance and performance.
3) In many cases, it is required.
4) It can provide someone with data that separates them from their competitors.
5) Today’s industries are becoming more and more standardized. They are quickly leaving behind the days where anyone can claim anything based on “internal test method”.

Why Am I Not Able To Click On The Test Method I Want To Conduct?

There are 12,000+ ASTM test methods. We are adding to our listings daily and will soon cover each method. This does not mean we cannot provide you with the necessary supplies. Please follow this link and one of our Subject Matter Experts will assist you promptly.

What Is A SME (Subject Matter Expert)?

In order to better serve our customers, we at Superior want to provide the best possible support. We accomplish this by partnering our customers with staff that are industry specific and not by geography. This is where our SME’s come in. They will work with you in order to get exactly what you need in your specified industry.

What Tests Does Superior Conduct?

None. We do not do any testing. We provide the supplies and assist the connections in order to facilitate testing true to ASTM standards.

Aren’t ASTM Methods Always Followed?

Quick answer; not always. ASTM methods are very precise and not always are the items needed at the test conductor’s disposal. We at Superior strive to make that whole process easy. We leave no doubt that when you say “tested per ASTM method”, you truly mean it.